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The importance of container markings

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You might have seen some alpha-numeric sequences on containers. Ever wondered what they mean? These sequence markings are known as Container Markings. They are important for the monitoring and general safety of a container. Let’s have a look at each of these container markings individually to get an idea of what they mean and why it is needed.

Compulsory Container Markings

container markings


The container number is a unique set of four letters and seven numbers to identify containers internationally. It is assigned by the classification agency ISO.

  • The first three capital letters are the Owner’s prefix, which must be unique. Here, the VST stands for the VS&B Containers group.
  • Then comes, the Equipment category identifier which is “U” for this container and stands for freight containers. Other categories are:
  • The letter “J” implies detachable freight containers related equipment,
  • The letter “Z” implies trailers and chassis,

Together with the owner code, this category can be grouped under one term, known as an alpha prefix.

  • Serial number or registration number consists of six digits and is left to the owner to decide on.
  • The last number of the container number is placed separately from the rest of the numbers on the right side and is called a Check Digit. This is to verify whether the numbers were accurately entered. The data processing system will reject if the check digit does not match. This was built in to reduce the number of errors when copying container numbers.


Each container is given a unique ISO code by the BIC (Bureau International des Containers) to avoid problems in naming the container. Why? Because of a 20ft. standard container, for example, is called a dry van, general-purpose, or dry container in different countries.

mandatory additional container markings

Mandatory Markings

Mandatory markings provide visual warnings concerning the weight of containers, overhead electrical danger, and for containers higher than 2.6m.

Container markings are put on the door of a shipping container, but the Identification number and the Size and type code are displayed on both sides so that it would be visible for crane operators, transporters, authorities, and forklift operators.


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