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shipping container for saleThe 2022 FIFA World Cup, the first winter edition in the tournament's history, will get underway in Qatar in less than a week. In a show like never before, the top football players in the world will command the stage.


Stadium 974 is one among the eight FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums that Qatar has readied to host the tournament. This stadium is notable and intriguing for the fact that it is made of 974 shipping containers. It has earned the unique distinction of being called the world’s first “Transportable Stadium”. It will be disassembled and the containers recycled after the competition concludes. Interestingly, 974 is also the country's international dialing code.


The 40,000-seat sports complex next to Doha's port, which was formerly known as Ras Abu Aboud, is the first stadium in FIFA World Cup history to be completely demountable. Spanish architecture firm Fenwick Iribarren Architects collaborated with Schlaich Bergermann Partner and engineering firm Hilson Moran to create Stadium 974. The modular design of the stadium significantly decreased construction costs and material waste. According to the organizers, water efficiency techniques employed in the stadium would result in 40% reduced water usage than a standard stadium of similar capacity.


Stadium 974, which is a groundbreaking invention, will be dismantled after the competition and its components used in the sports arena across the globe. By using prefabricated and recyclable elements, many of which were carried in the shipping containers themselves, the design attempts to reduce waste.


The stadium's steel framework is surrounded by modified shipping containers that serve as restrooms, snack stands, skyboxes, and media rooms. Stadium 974’s innovative architectural concept eliminates air conditioning because of the natural ventilation that the stadium provides from its unique design and its proximity to the sea.


Being in the vicinity of Hamad International Airport, Stadium 974 will be the first stadium football fans will see when they arrive in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is also the only stadium located near the sea. This distinctive location honors Qatar's long history of marine trade.


On November 22, Mexico will play Poland, on November 24, Portugal will play Ghana, on November 26, reigning champions France will play Denmark, and on November 28, one of the tournament favorites, Brazil, will play Switzerland.


Stadium 974 is expected to act as a model for more environmentally friendly stadium designs for upcoming major events.


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